Yours Truely

All things Caitlin

I am a 20 something college student living around in the Twin Cities area. I am  a senior in college, majoring in Interior design. I have one more year left in college (ekk!) then off to the real world :).I love college but I can’t wait for a real job with real money!

I have recently been introduced into the blog world and fell in love with it. I am an avid follower of many blogs and finally decided to start my own! The purpose of this blog? hmmm…lets see. I will be using this blog as a creative center to write about my passions, dreams, goals, and whatever my heart desires. Hopefully as I grow my blog will grow with me :).

Health and fitness has always been a big part of my life with my mom in the health and fitness world, working as a personal trainer. Working out, I’ve found out, is a HUGE stress reliever in my life and that is why I try to make it apart of my life every single day. I function better and I am a MUCH happier girl after a nice sweat session at the gym. Eating healthy goes hand in hand with this but so does chocolate and a nice glass of red wine :). I believe in eating healthy for many reasons but I also believe in a little indulgence now and then. “All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.” 🙂 O and don’t forget peanut butter.

things I love & adore:

Interior design. fitness. foood. reading. black coffee. Kelly Ripa. M&Ms. blogging. naps. Pilates. drawing. art. peanut butter. shoes. rainy days. Alpha Phi. my wonderful girlfriends. my family. daisies. oprah. chips and salsa. humus. dogs. the color red. wearing the color black. jason mraz. red red wine. productive days. unproductive days. movies. pickles. art. quotes.

“And if you wanna know how a girl survives, just look by her side.”



One response to “Yours Truely

  1. You rock, good luck with your blog. it is truely fabulous. You are very creative and a great writer, I enjoy your daily life comments:)

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